Accepting mistakes won’t make you small

“You know what the easiest way to grow is? Accept your own mistakes and learn from them.”, my dad said.

“But, I have seen many people advocating their mistakes and hesitating to accept it. Like I have observed one person saying to me, if I apologize, I won’t be valued,” I said.

“Well, all I understand is, Accepting mistakes won’t make you small,” he said further.

This conversation with my dad led me to think that learning and growing are essential parts of life, and accepting mistakes makes it easy.

More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.

J.Harold Smith

Sometimes, we come across common mistakes that everyone else also makes. Learning from them makes us wise.

Most of us, including me, find it hard to accept mistakes. But I am trying to adopt a few thinkings, that I would like to share with you all.

When we are going to accept mistakes, we must make ourselves comfortable by understanding one fact. We are more than our mistakes. We can’t conclude that we are not worthy or perfect. It’s life, and there’s always a chance we get to grow. Don’t feel rejected for accepting your own mistake.

We advocate that this is not a mistake. We try to get away from it by making excuses. But, the sooner we accept, the sooner we move forward with it.

Some mistakes have fixing solutions. Some have dead ends. The one having solutions can easily be accepted and fixed. The Sooner it happens, the sooner it gets fixed.

If you can’t accept a few mistakes from yourself, you can always talk it out with someone you trust and feel comfortable with. This will make you feel better, and acceptance of yourself with mistakes makes you motivated.

Let’s make ourselves comfortable in accepting mistakes, learning from them, and helping others to learn from our mistakes as well. Our mistakes are proof that we are hurdling, attempting, and doing something.

Finally, we shouldn’t stop making an effort in fear of committing mistakes, because there are no mistakes, only lessons.

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