Monday, July 15, 2024

Arrogance is the camouflage of insecurities!!

“Don’t worry about how they behave; make sure you’re not arrogant to them or anyone else. Learn always to be humble, and you will get more chances to enrich your life.” My dad said.

I talked to him regarding how arrogant some people are with me or others in general. While both of us agreed that arrogance comes from or results from insecurities people have in their minds, I also understood that being humble about everything is the way to live. 

A few years ago, I conversed with a person I barely knew. In the first instance itself, a person told me they’d never want people like me with them. 

In the same week, I met another barely known person who immediately after having a conversation with me, said, hey, you’re amazing. Why don’t you do it? 

Same conversation, two different people, and two different responses. But what is most important, a confident person is certainly uplifting while an arrogant person is demotivating.

My friend told me one day that it is not intelligence in person that is likable. But, the one who lifts everyone around is likable. 

Many people in society are insecure about others, trying to fetch others down. Very few people want everyone around them to grow. Even if someone is making progress beyond their own, they feel happy. 

They love to help and support others.

But there is a set of people who get insecure about others. They want success, and they’re intelligent too, but they don’t really like others to make growth beyond theirs. They hide their insecurities under their arrogance. 

There may be people who consider themselves above people around. It could be true, but being humble is the most fantastic attitude of successful people, making them likable and a good change-maker in the society. 

Another day, I was reading one blog. The author talked about why we must start a new company or work with a team of intelligent and strong-willed people. He said we improve our thoughts or work if we have a reason. And sometimes, it becomes difficult to improve yourself if you do not have some external factors. These external factors include a great team of skilled, strong-willed people who can argue or improvise things. Mostly, in the absence of these factors, an alone person may turn his competence into arrogance which may not be fruitful. 

This particular conversation convinced me. I used to feel a single person could do anything, but this certainly made me think about why we need like-minded people. The more we are with such people, the more humble we become. 

Humility teaches a person to grow and makes him teaches others. It makes others grow.

Arrogance says, “There is no one like me. I’m more important.” While humility says, “we all are the same, rather you might be more intelligent. Let’s grow together, and I’ll help you with that.”

Society as a whole needs humility. It needs successful people to take others with them and make them grow. Happiness comes from the growth of everyone.  

So, let’s be more humble and try not to be arrogant in society. We all are equal, and together we can make society beautiful.

आप इसे हिंदी भी पढ़ सकते हैं – अहंकार असुरक्षा का छलावा है !!

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