Monday, July 15, 2024

Ask if you want it

“You should always ask if you want it,” Dad said.

“But what if I don’t get it after asking? I feel bad if someone says no to what I ask,” I said.

“What will they say? No, right? And what will be the answer if you don’t ask?  No, according to your assumption. What difference will it make? But if you ask and the answer comes yes, you can get what you want. It costs nothing to ask,” he said.

His conversation about what we want changed my perspective related to it. Getting what we want isn’t always easy. People wait or assume about what they want, but they forget the easiest way to get it.

Asking. Asking aloud.

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.

Maya Angelou

I usually don’t like to ask others about what I want. I feel that would make me selfish. But then I find myself helping everyone around me whenever they ask me to.

One of my friends told me she feels undeserving, and that’s why she can’t ask others about something.

Asking what we want will not make us selfish or undeserving.  It is an essential aspect of life.

When we ask, we make direct advances towards a person or team. We ask because we feel trust in that person or group. We are specific about what we wish to make it easy for everyone to understand and help us.

Our communication skills with others make us confident as well as a better part of a team.

When we ask our team to do what we want to achieve some organizational goal, it makes all of us think in one direction. If we assume that the team will not accept or dislike it, we might restrict ourselves from more significant achievements.

What do you think if our freedom fighters wouldn’t fight for what they wanted? What if people won’t fight for their rights? What if you keep silent over your entitlements? What if people in society keep watching wrong happening around them?

Society won’t run correctly. When we think about others, we believe others must ask for what they want. But we restrict ourselves when it comes to us.

Many of us find ourselves having difficulty in asking what we want. We must understand that asking what we want and what we feel is right is beneficial to ourselves. We are part of society, and if we think something is good for society, we must ask it aloud.

So, let us come out of our fear of rejection and ask it aloud. Remember, others also want to help you like you want to help them.

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