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Assenting takeaways from 2020

We all have struggled a lot this year. 1st January 2020 started with so many hopes, plans, and wishes. Barely two good months in 2020, after which the whole world fell in fear of a new virus, and our lives derailed.

Lots of hopes were broken, many plans were postponed.

When I discuss these days with my parents, grandparents; everyone points out only one thing; it never happened before that the whole world stood still because of fear of health. The economy crashed because of concerns over health.

While we will close our eyes today to welcome the new year tomorrow, let us remind ourselves of a few positive takeaways from this year, from my view.

We made our health our priority. We have realized that in the end, it’s our health that weighs more than money for life.

We found out that family is everything. We didn’t find enough time to be with family in the last few years like we got this year. We have revisited our childhood memories, food habits, and friends this year.

This year we all had to sit home and had to work from home. Life away from daily traveling, traffic, and hurry had suddenly become easy and timesaving. Notable, isn’t it?

We have revisited our hobbies, such as reading, painting, gardening, singing, dancing, etc. Some of us have developed new hobbies too. Somewhere in all our day to day lives, we all wanted to revisit it, learn it, and enjoy it. We did it!

Many of us have learned new things, skills to utilize our time in a better manner. Many professionals, students used knowledge-oriented platforms to enrich themselves with new learnings.

Somewhere down the line, we all have started to understand the importance of ground-level people such as police, doctors, hygiene workers, etc., who are very important to keep our day to day life uninterrupted.

We all have read about positive impacts on the environment largely because of restricting our consumption to necessary needs. Never before have our large cities experienced clean, unpolluted air and water supply. Mother Earth had recovered from many pollutions and carbon emissions related effects such as global warming to some extent.

Summing up to one point, I must say we all have understood the importance of necessary things in life and started to differentiate between what is necessary and what is not. We lived in a world of emergency where what is important for life could run, and everything else paused.

Our life took a mini pause from all those things which we used to say are luxury in life. We understood that necessary things such as health are a luxury in real life.

We all had to face many adversities this year, but our perseverance made us get through it. We learned to face something that was never dreamed of and learned to find opportunities from it.

Let’s give a pat on our back for this and prepare ourselves to welcome the new year with great enthusiasm.

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