Authenticity is Magnetic

Have you ever thought that some people may not give you a sense of assurance or a sense of conformity when you talk to them?

While with someone you get a sense of trust immediately? 

What must be the reason?

Authenticity is the real reason.

Authenticity is less about speaking and more about being genuine and true to your own self. Authenticity is doing what you really believe in.

We attract best when we are authentic because being true to our own self creates vibes that make others enjoy our company.

We can’t make someone feel better when we are not true to ourselves. We become two-faced and the energy we give others not necessarily be the best we can offer.

We may be criticized for being authentic, we may be devalued for being authentic. But in the end, staying true to what you feel gives you more power and motivation.

When we stop being what we are not, and become more comfortable with what we are, our energy gets streamlined, we get more and more focused. Above all this, we become magnetic.

We can’t be with someone who’s not authentic for more time. We can’t connect ourselves with people spreading lies, fakeness, and the non-genuine nature they show.

We don’t always need to do what everyone likes. We can become successful by doing what we like, what we admire, and what we can do.

People will fall in love with your authenticity. It may take time for them to understand you but always remember authenticity is magnetic.

So, if you’re a loud person, be loud, don’t become silent because the world wants you to. Be true to what you’re and see the miracle of being accepted by the world. Be consistent, be dedicated and be authentic, and show the world that nothing can stop you.

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