Be curious, not judgmental

“You’re too judgmental; understand what he is going through, and why can’t he come on time. He is having issues. Consider it because he has always been prompt in his work in the past, and that’s why we are not going to leave him in this condition.” My dad said.

We were discussing something related to our helper man who had recently started bunking work and always comes late for work. I said, let’s change him. Then my dad said the above lines to me.

I thought about it and realized that we become judgemental about people and situations around us most of the time in life. That makes us think negatively about people and situations and blocks our thought processes. It happens because we stop being curious about people and situations.

Being judgmental means rushing to a judgment without any reasoning, while being curious means having a desire to learn more and explore more.

After listening to any judgments about anything or anyone, we must also be curious about it, rather than just believing in that judgment.

There this quote comes true,

Be curious, Not judgmental.

-Walt Whitman

When something happens against our will, we must be curious about it and not judgmental. Because being curious will make a way to hope and being judgmental about it gives despair feelings.

Being judgmental is somewhat an egoistic feeling while being curious is not.

The most important thing I understood after being curious is that we think in a solution-oriented direction, whereas we cease to accept problems on being judgmental.

You might have observed children are generally curious; they don’t judge anyone. They keep growing by being curious. Being nonjudgmental also makes you more generous, kind, and compassionate.

So, let’s be more curious about situations and people around us and be more solution-oriented in this problem-accustomed world. Make this world beautiful.

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