Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Be the person world wants to connect with

“I believe in connecting people, not just talking with someone!” My friend said.

“But what’s the difference?” I asked.

We talk or share with someone. But it is not necessarily the same as connecting. Connecting with someone means telling things that one genuinely feels and wants to share.

We can share or talk about many things, such as politics, but does that mean we genuinely want to talk about it? No, we may not even want to talk about it many times, but still, we talk while sharing.

But when we are connected with someone, we always attempt to share genuine feelings.

You meet someone you do not know, and you can still feel connected with someone while you’re known them for a long time, yet feel disconnected from them.

I had told you about it in authenticity is magnetic.

In society, we all need to be the person with whom others could connect.

Now, why must it be necessary?

When you’re able to connect with someone, that person feels secure. In today’s world, where people are experiencing alone life, connecting with someone makes them feel understood.

You feel very comfortable sharing things with your father because you feel connected with him. Sharing the same with someone else may not be the same for you.

Connecting makes others feel listened to, and that makes you empathetic.

Mental health is a real issue in society, and providing a solution to that is essential. Being empathic is essential.

When you’re able to connect with others, you become more open, more empathetic, kind, genuine, and secure.

So, people, let’s try to be the one world wants to connect with and not just one we want to share with.

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