Be responsible for having an opinion!

Opinion. A belief or idea, or judgment we have without sufficient facts or grounds to have one. Some of us keep our opinions to ourselves while some try to say them out loud. Some even try to force it on others.

Having an opinion is very important. We need to put our ideas, suggestions, and recommendations to bring change in society. We need to have an opinion to share it with the world if we wish to see positive change in the world.

Opinions are based on facts, past experiences, and research we do on something. We hold opinions to which we are conditioned to have one. Even if opinions have some background, it isn’t sufficient to have an opinion.

We own our opinions till we have them with ourselves. We sometimes share it with the world as we want to bring positive change in the world or people around us.

But we need to become open-minded when we share them with the world intending to bring change.

We need to be responsible to have an opinion. We need to back it up with a sense of logic, data, and research. What if someone else comes up with better logic that would change our opinion?

Should we disagree and refuse to change our opinion or accept the one?

I think we need to learn to accept the one. We need to accept better opinions that would bring positive change in society. We need to become one who starts to see a better world.

It often takes more courage to change one’s opinion than to keep it.

Willy Brandt

In the past, some raised their voices to have a “right to vote ” only for men. After a few years, someone else came up with an idea and opinion to give equal rights to women. So, the right which was available only to a few members of society became a universal right. How did this happen?

Because society accepted the change in opinion.

So, let’s be committed to respect opinions that may be different from our own opinions but certainly logical, informative, and sufficient for the betterment of everyone, including ourselves. Be vocal and opine about what you believe will bring the best in society.

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