Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Be tolerant with others, and strict with yourself

“You need to be more tolerant with others; you can’t always lose your temper,” my dad said.

“But that’s absolutely the wrong thing they have done,” I said.

“Remember, what they have done is not in your control. That’s their lookout. It would help if you focused on how you react and control yourself. Your reactions should not increase the problems; rather, it should solve it.”, he said further.

A minute after listening to him, my mind started thinking about the aspect of tolerance. 

We are seeing many people around us becoming intolerant, including ourselves. I have always observed my dad being calm, silent, tolerant, and strict with himself.  

The same day I have observed this quote very much perfect;

Be tolerant with others and strict with yourself.

Marcus Aurelius

What others do is not our business, but reacting to it is under our control. We need to become more strict with ourselves about our reactions. Our reactions can make situations good or ridiculous. If we are making situations ridiculous, that’s the point where we are contributing towards an intolerant society.

We can focus on everything that’s under our control. 

We see society around us becoming intolerant. A small tweet can create religious turmoil, and small words can break lifelong relations. 

 Relations and many situations are to be handled with tolerance.

I have seen intolerance have created huge losses. May it be personal, social, or environmental.

We can start a tolerant society from our self. We can be strict about our reactions towards others. 

Being tolerant doesn’t mean you should let others disturb the peace of your mind. Tolerance where you have no control over is good, but one must not tolerate what affects things in their control.

So, let’s adopt tolerance with others for a beautiful society starting from us, and be strict about our reactions—the dream of a tolerant and peaceful society by contributing towards it.

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