Monday, July 15, 2024

Beauty of being imperfect

We all have been taught about being perfect all the time. In schools, we were taught to answer math questions stepwise, where forgetting steps might lead us to lose marks. We have been told to be perfect in things we are doing, but no one literally told us that even imperfection is beautiful; even imperfection is fine.

We learn through mistakes. We learn through imperfections. But when will we learn? If we are comfortable in making mistakes, comfortable in being imperfect.

Perfectionism is not always a good trait, I feel. Because perfectionists never make mistakes or try not to make any mistakes, they pressurize themselves while trying so. They get anxious when they’re not perfect. They don’t have enough scope to learn.

There’s beauty in imperfection, and it is even more beautiful to accept that imperfection. No one is born perfect. We have to learn to embrace imperfections that can’t be changed, and we need to explore which can be changed.

Humans are not robots. Robots are machines taught and feeded with information to be perfect in their work. Humans are emotional animals, and we achieve near perfection by practice, commitment, and consistency. We need to be open to learn and explore rather than being perfect.

Perfection should not be our goal. The goal ought to be better than I was yesterday.

So, make mistakes, find beauty in imperfection, and always keep the scope of exploring and learning new things.

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