Why does being integral matter?

“I think you must not share these details with me. I understand you are sharing out of the flow, but these are sensitive details and involve one person who is not present here right now. So, it becomes your moral responsibility to keep these details to yourself. You should not expel them to create a topic for conversation,” My friend said to another friend.

“Yes, and no matter what, you shouldn’t share what someone told you with trust when you were together. It is part of integrity,” I added.

My friends and I met after a long time, and then we just started sharing our whereabouts. One of the friends started sharing a few sensitive details about a third person. We found them inappropriate at that moment.

That led all of us to discuss integrity. We all have encountered this kind of situation where someone shares critical, sensitive, or personal details of others or their profession to maintain the flow of the conversations.

But not many of us understand that sharing sensitive details is a breach of integrity. It could be in our profession or our personal life.

Now, what is integrity?

Integrity is being sincere and uncompromising towards the principles and values in your life. It is like a commitment to your responsibilities, beliefs, and values. Many government organizations or even private ones wished their employees to be sincere and integral towards the organization.

Similarly, in our regular conversations, in our personal life, integrity points towards being honest about our relationships. We must be holding the value of non-sharing unnecessary, private, or professional details of someone.

Sometimes, we don’t understand the exact deep meaning of such conversations. Someone must have told us something trusting at that time; that person must have expected us not to say it out loud. People sometimes share a few things because they wish to feel light at that time, and they choose you as a trustworthy person.

Now, if they put such a belief in you, and you share it with someone else just for the sake of keeping the conversation going, or it comes out from you just as a flow.

Whatever the case may be, it is firmly not good quality.

This society suffers a lot because of non-integral values held by few people in a community. We need to understand that our few unintentional things should not cause loss for anyone in society.

We all need to take care of this thing. We must learn to be integral in our friendships, relationships, or profession. What information comes to you as part of your position in others’ life or office should not come out once you leave that position. It is the most important thing we as a society need today. We need to be more integral and ethical for the sake of a sustainable society.

आप इसे हिंदी भी पढ़ सकते हैं – सत्यनिष्ठ होना जरूरी क्यूँ हैं?

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