Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Bring out magic from people around you

“Can you tell him about your struggle?” I asked my friend.

“I’m always ready, dear, if my struggle could light him up and make him take the right decision for him, I’m always available,” my friend said.

“I just wish my help could save him from more struggle and bring out the best.”, he said further.

One day, my cousin asked me what career I would suggest. A young boy is full of energy and wants to follow different options, and I rarely could help him. Suddenly, I remembered my friend who followed the same struggle and is now very successful in his field. I immediately connected both of them.

During the conversation, my friend said the above thing that touched me.

Humans are animals with brains, and they carry magic in every ounce of them.

Everyone around you has some unexplored potential in them, and making them aware of their strengths is the greatest thing we can ever do.

Most of the time, when we make people around us feel valuable and significant in front of themselves, people start walking towards finding their true potential.

Our role in others’ lives must always be uplifting and improving. We must always help everyone around us in their search for potential.

Now, we can honestly do this when we respect our struggle. We need to be humble with the experiences and struggles we have been through.

I remember when I used to take my friends in my childhood to study with me even if they used to feel bored. I remember one of my friends who used to take us to learn a professional game of table tennis even after we showed the slightest interest.

I remember my other friend who challenged us to read one more book.

All these people in my life and me challenged each to take one better step to bring out the magic in us. We helped each other to bring that true potential in us.

Today, when we look back at our journeys, we found our help made everyone get the best in each of us.

Some like drawing and motivating them to explore it, or some like writing; encouraging them more to write is our role.

It comes with perks and benefits packed. Not only for us but also for society.

It is unlikely you will get damaging results from this role in society.

In a society where people don’t value helping each other grow together, be the one cheering for each other’s success.

It costs nothing to bring magic from people around you, and it gives immense positivity to the society around you.

You are more successful as a magician who brought the magic in them out when they became successful.

This society needs small things from you to make it beautiful. Just do that.

आप इसे हिंदी भी पढ़ सकते हैं – अपने आस-पास के लोगों को उनके अंदर के जादू को ढूंढने में मदत करे!

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