Sunday, June 23, 2024

Delayed Gratification

“You are not a fun-loving person,” my friend said. I declined to go to a movie because I had something planned related to work. The thing which I had planned wasn’t urgent and wasn’t one giving immediate results. But it was very important for me at that time to get the final results in the future.

In my view, we always have two options to deal with any situation, one to choose an option which is easy and gives immediate rewards, and another is difficult yet gives bigger rewards by delaying pleasures.

We often get attracted to immediate rewards and ignore options that give us delayed yet great pleasures. The attitude of waiting and delaying immediate rewards for greater yet delayed pleasures is termed as delayed gratification. 

People want to lose/gain weight immediately when they want. They don’t understand the value of patience, proper nutrition, and the demands of their own body. They get into something which gives immediate rewards but malfunctioning of the body in the future. Delayed gratification helps in this lot. Understanding the value of patience and pain in the present to get better results in the future is very important.

People don’t seem to value this during times they work for their goals.

Many times people avoid the pain of delayed gratification and involve themselves in immediate pleasures in life. This might be an easier and happy life in the present but may not necessarily be a better life in the future.

Delayed gratification does not always mean to avoid all fun. It just means to prioritize what will help you to reach your goals. We can always prioritize family, relationships, and friends.

What really matters is, it won’t affect your dedication and discipline. If you’re studying, study hard today and try to get a job or work on your dreams first. Plan your own career paths in early stages.

All pleasures come with the proper time, and you’ll get all the things in life when the time comes. Trust this.

We must learn to bear pain and discomfort if we have big goals in our lives.

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