Sunday, June 23, 2024

Do what sparks a light in you!

“You had lots of opportunities; why are you here? You could have become someone different in that profession,” I said to my friend.

“I think I like this work even if others feel I am doing less than my capacity. I feel I can make a difference here.” He said.

What he said in an answer made me realize that it is very important that whatever we do must make us internally happy.

We all have different skills, different sets of intelligence. We can do whatever we want. We try to excel in the areas we want to. But what is more important?

It must spark a light in us.

You often feel tired, not because you have done too much, but because you have done too little of what sparks a light in you.

Alexander Den Heijer

I was a little bit tired one day and was taking a cup of my favorite coffee. I remembered what I had done the whole day and realized I did almost nothing from my plan. I did nothing that would make me tired, and still, I was feeling tired. There I realized the above quote is so apt.

When we do what makes an impact, or something that makes us happy with some excellent outcomes, we don’t feel tired. In fact, we feel more energetic doing what we really like.

I have often observed leaders with extraordinary leadership qualities often look motivated, energetic, happy, and optimistic. What must be the reason?

Because they do what they feel is right, they do what makes them good, and most importantly, what sparks a light in them.

When we know what sparks a light in us, we become more aware of society around us. When we have light in us, we can ultimately illuminate the world around us.

We must ask ourselves when we don’t feel energy levels; we don’t feel like doing anything. We must list down things that matter, how to work for them and how meaningful they are. We must learn to adopt what makes efforts successful.

Yes, we may not be able to change everything overnight, but at least we can take the lead and walk towards doing what sparks a light in us and help the world illuminate.

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