Monday, July 15, 2024

Dosti – not just a movie!

I had decided to watch the movie Dosti (1964) on or before this friendship day. It is one of the classic films from the golden era of Bollywood, which revolves around two orphan friends, Ramu( handicapped) and Mohan( Blind).

Both met each other by chance and tried to be together whatever condition it may be. Mohan became an earning hand for Ramu, who desperately wanted to complete his mother’s last wish of becoming a successful man.

In similitude, Ramu became forever support to blind Mohan in search of his lost sister.

From start to end, this movie covers all the up-downs of their lives. I was fascinated by some scenes, such as when Ramu rejects free education from school despite his poor condition, saying that school should use it for someone needier.

Another scene where Mohan pays exam fees for Ramu without even knowing him. Both of them were concerned about each other with great innocence.

What I felt after watching this movie is that innocence is an essential part of friendships. We forgive and forget each other out of innocence, which might be why our friendships from childhood are stronger than young ones.

We care for each other; we grow with each other with this innocence.

The practical world and rules set by the world don’t come in the way of these friendships.

Ego, attitude doesn’t exist in those friendships. The movie shows how a rich baby girl accepts Ramu and Mohan as friends out of great innocence.

Not to underestimate great songs written by the Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo and sung by the great Mohammad Rafi.

This movie is a real roller coaster ride for friends who trust each other, see dreams, and stay together.

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