Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Fear of uncertainty

Fear is a reaction; courage is a decision!!!!!

“You need to be courageous and handle the situation; you need to learn to overcome fear,” my dad said.

“When you’re genuine, right, and harmless to others, just be fearless,” he said further.

We all have fears in our minds. Fears of uncertainty, Fear of happenings, and Fear of unwanted outcomes from our actions.

All these fears restrict us from taking action in situations. These fears stop us from being courageous.

We have a habit of reacting to fear, such as quitting or doubting our potentials, but it takes courage to make the right decisions in those circumstances.

Fears take our attention towards unnecessary thoughts. It makes us think about what may happen and waste our time on it. Sometimes in the worst situations, Fear makes us quit and leave our dreams. It makes us impotent.

But what if we chose to be courageous like my dad suggested to me?

Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.

Sir Winston Churchill

Courage makes you take decisions and stand with the decisions you take. You can be correct, but Fear stops you from making decisions, and here, being courageous will help you.

Most of the time, outcomes we think out of Fear aren’t certainly going to happen. But our human nature stops us. For our growth, may it be personal or professional, we need to be courageous.

We need to stand by what our consciousness supports. We need to learn to play an essential role as courageous people who would be able to make society beautiful. A fearful society is easy to become slaves, and a courageous society builds a nation with freedom.

So, dear all, let’s come together and build a courageous society. Instead of running from situations out of Fear, learn to take courageous decisions. Take a stand to fight for ourselves.

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