Monday, July 15, 2024

Finish what you have started

“First, you need to study consequences and benefits from what you want to do. If you decide to start the work, remember, my child you need to finish it. You are supposed to finish what you have started.” My father said.

I was having a conversation with my dad, and he told me words of wisdom.

In this conversation, what he said made me think about myself and all of us. Our generation wants to do many things. We have access to a lot of information. We have access to lots of distractions too.

It becomes our responsibility what we want and how to proceed for the same.

As my dad indeed said, despite having everything and access to all facilities, our generation fails to attain success, and the reason behind that is we don’t always finish what we have started.

“Stand Up and finish what you have started”

Bob Harper

Now, some of us might think I can’t do this, so why should I continue doing things? I should try something else. It happens. But continuing and finishing what we have started can have brighter sides.

Finishing what we have started gives us positivity. It boosts our confidence. It gives us the strength to start something new, which might not be easy to do.

It also improves our skills to prioritize tasks, handle things under pressure, and become more selective in what we want to achieve.

The best part about finishing is we gain self-assurance, we gain our self-respect, and ultimately, we can walk on any path with dedication and hard work.

They say success is not easy, but it is not tough either.

We need to study what we want to start, learn and explore more about the tasks we need to complete, take a long view about our decisions, and discuss with guides or mentors before we start anything.

Once we decide to do it, all we need to do is walk on the path of finishing what we have started.

“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.”

Swami Vivekanand

So, my dear ones, let’s not deviate from the path of what we have started; let’ commit to our goals and help society to sustain itself starting from us.

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