Monday, July 15, 2024

Gratitude: A great lifestyle Choice

Whenever we hear or read about Gratitude, our small conception about it is that saying thank you means Gratitude.  But very few of us have precisely gone down and adapting Gratitude as part of our lifestyle. It is much more than saying just “thank you.”

What is this about then?

When chosen as a lifestyle, Gratitude makes life more manageable and happy than without a Gratitude life.  Gratitude is the ability to express thankyou and readiness to show appreciation for and to kindness—the kindness you have experienced in your day-to-day life.

Gratitude is in every act. Such as you might have seen your parents doing God’s prayer in the morning, evening, and before going to bed. Every Time they pray, they thank God /Almighty for giving them a beautiful day and happiness.

When we were young, our mom used to tell us to sing a prayer before taking food from the plate.

We have been taught throughout our childhood about thanking, giving respect, and listening to elders. It is also one of those lifestyle choices which leads to Gratitude whole life.

There are many ways to adapt Gratitude in life, for example, after waking up, thanking and expressing Gratitude towards God or expressing Gratitude towards that unknown person who might have cleaned the road when you were asleep or maybe bringing feelings of Gratitude towards a guard who always does his duty to protect you.

Expressing Gratitude frequently to your close ones for their involvement in your life, their efforts to keep you happy and motivated can bring substantial changes in your attitude towards life.

Being knowingly or unknowingly grateful towards every possible moment creates positive energy and thoughts.

Once you adopt gratification in life, you start feeling happy, cheerful and motivated throughout life. Gratitude gives meaning to life. It encourages doing good to others as you’re also receiving good from others in a way or another.

Being grateful gives you the energy to live while adopting Gratitude in daily life motivates and encourages you to do good in life.

Let’s adopt Gratitude in life and bring small changes starting from us in society—spread word. Bring back our healthy habits.

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