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Hakuna Matata: Philosophy For Life!!!

“Hey, what song do you keep singing and telling people when someone’s sad? I think I have heard it somewhere but can’t remember where”, my colleague said.

“It’s Hakuna Matata, from Lion King, and it’s not just a song; it’s a philosophy of living life without worries,” I said.

Lion King is one of my favorite movies, and Hakuna Matata is the song I chant when I feel worried. In the film Lion King, Simba was taught to live life without worrying by his friends Timon and Pumbaa. They accompany him no matter what and teach him not to worry about the past and future. Just live a simple life without worries; that is Hakuna Matata.

Hakuna Matata is a Swahili language phrase and problem-free philosophy to live life happily.

“Hakuna Matata…!!! What a wonderful phrase! 
Hakuna Matata! Ain’t no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days.
It’s our problem-free philosophy, Hakuna Matata!!

We encounter many problems and get anxious about them. But then there are always solutions to it, and if we don’t worry about it, we live more freely.

It is the philosophy to trust that someday everything will be fine and everything will fall in the right place at the right time. We don’t need to worry or rush about it.

We all know that we can teach our brains to be happy or sad. When we fall into worries and successfully make our brain understand that “there’s nothing to worry about and it’ll be alright,” then indeed we become less stressed.

Less stress, better mental health, and better physical health too. If something troubles you, tell your brain Hakuna Matata and apply philosophy in life.

When you’re sad or worried, watch your favorite movie or even cartoon you liked when you were a child. Bring that innocence back in life and see the difference it makes for you. It is undoubtedly a cost-free stress-reducing technique.

Be stress-free and live freely. Do let me know your favorite cartoon or movie you watch or like to watch to reduce stress.

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