Monday, July 15, 2024

Happiness comes with simplicity!

“What will you do with more money? Basically, what I feel is that man forgets that he will die one day.” the chief guest at one show said. “We must lead a simple life,” he said.

Suddenly, I started thinking about it. Really it is a matter of concern, what will we do with more money than required for our basic needs? What will we do with more clothes? What will we do with bigger houses if a small single home can fulfill our requirements?

Yes, we need to be passionate and competitive about our work, but that doesn’t mean we should run for the money. Money is necessary but not beyond a specific limit.

How many pairs of shoes can you own? Any number, right?

But how many do we use at once? Only one pair? Isn’t it?

Isn’t it subject to think about what we need and what we are greedy for?

One such day, I asked my dad why people would take so many loans and live on loans?

He replied, “Greed beta (son), greed. People can’t limit their needs and fall for more and more”.

When we limit our needs, we become less stressed. Less stress gives us sound sleep. Our excessive needs and greed are responsible for changing our lifestyle from healthy to unhealthy.

The greatest wealth is to live content with little.


Living with simplicity is the need of hour. It is beneficial for our mental as well as physical health. Many great souls were vocal about simplicity in the past. Mahatma Gandhi had followed a very simple life.

Ms. Sudha Murthy is my idol about simple life. We don’t always need to buy costly things and live a rich lifestyle to be famous. Your intelligence and simple living can also bring value addition to your presence.

In my previous article on minimalism, I tried to convey why living in less is important. Today, I brought simplicity to your notice.

So, let’s try to adopt simplicity in our life. Live life with the greatest simplicity and reduce the burden from our lives. Keeping things simple in our relationships with humans as well as material things is a genuinely important thing.

Happiness comes with simplicity and goes away with greediness.

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