Sunday, June 23, 2024

Hope is a Choice

In life, many things are not in our direct control. There are many situations and conditions which can not be changed or make happen the way we want.

There’s something that we can have, and you know what it is?

Hope! We can have hope.

I have been hopeful as well as hopeless in life.

We all have choices in some situations where we cannot have control, one to give up and another is to have hope to continue.

Many times I have found myself keeping my hopes alive. I have let my hopes live even in situations where I have no control over.

We go through situations where we give up and cry but have we thought about keeping patience? What if we wait for our turn to come up in life? What if we keep our hope alive and choose to be hopeful rather than giving it all up at once?

Suppose, we start asking these questions to ourselves whenever situations take an unwanted turn. In that case, we will find ourselves with a ray of hope and walking on roads seeing things we want to be true.

We think we are going through bad; we are suffering for something which is not in our hands, and giving up seems the easiest way to save ourselves from all these problems. But, we ignore the strength of being hopeful.

Hope is a choice. Hope is a decision. We can choose hope over giving up, and that’s where we can change all life scenarios.

Being hopeful isn’t always the most straightforward way you have, but it is the choice that entitles us to get what we want in life.

We can not live without being hopeful; every one of us has this emotion without which survival is impossible.

So, choose hope. Wait for your turn, have patience and faith in life. Hope will bring you closer to what you want.

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