Tuesday, May 28, 2024

It’s okay to not be okay!

“Is there something wrong with me? I have not sensed my energy recently. I feel irritated with this kind of feeling when I don’t want to do anything,” I said.

“I appreciate you sensing something is wrong with you, but you know what, It’s okay to not be okay,” My friend said.

In general, I like to be at the highest level of enthusiasm and work with a full mind. It rarely happens that I miss the track of being committed to my work. Unfortunately, that was happening because of some or other external factors. I always tried to ignore that I’m not okay. I needed to be okay for the sake of work and the world around me.

When my friend said this, I realized, yes, it is fine. It is okay not to be okay sometimes. I felt this thing for the first time ever.

In life, we always try to be acceptable in front of everyone. We try to control emotion when it comes to pictures. When our boss asks us to do something, and we are not okay, we try to hide our feelings and work on what has been asked of us to do. We try to get busy in those times.

Sometimes things don’t work out as we wanted them to, and in those situations, it’s okay to admit that it’s not okay.

Sometimes it’s okay to accept things that are different, feel angry, or feel sad. Even if there are negative emotions, they make us strong.

If you’re happy in life, it’s all right and pleasing, but accept that if you are not okay. We may not be satisfied all the time in life, and getting this is very important.

If you’re not okay and want to seek help from your loved ones, then go ahead. Go ahead with spending time on your emotions and recover from them. Don’t make yourself burdened with staying okay all the time and running to ignore these feelings.

This world expects us to be perfect all the time, but it’s okay not to be. 

Stop, take a breath, take rest, give time to yourself and understand your needs. No one other than you can know yourselves better.

Be yourself and take care of yourself. Make others comfortable with you by making yourself comfortable and pleasing first.

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