Keep Learning-Keep Growing

“Let’s go out this evening,” my colleague said.
“No, I am supposed to attend one class today,” I said.
“You are already well learned and earning decent; what’s new? Why do you always keep doing new things?” He asked.
“Boss, Keep Learning, keep growing,” I said.

Since childhood, I remember myself engaging in one or another new thing to learn. Even after acquiring a profession and Learning as much as possible in my domain-related knowledge, I keep on searching for one or two new skills to develop and learn.

I have been fascinated by one of the quotes of Henry Ford,

Anyone who stops learning is old — whether this happens at twenty or at eighty.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.

Henry Ford

This quote is accurate.

Many times I find my colleagues, friends complaining to me that their jobs are boring, but they can’t help it as it is the source of income for them.

Yes, it does. Most of us who have landed in one or another profession just because of peer pressure feel bored in the job. But that’s not the end. You can always pick up any skill to learn and get motivated. Learn about stocks, drawing, programming, or may develop skills in gardening.

The Internet has created lots of opportunities to learn and explore at low or no cost. Use it wisely.

I have known a friend who has learned gardening skills as part of a hobby in his free time with a job and earns a lot through gardening.

Learning is a skill that comes with many benefits. It keeps your mind healthy, makes you adaptable to any new situations, keeps you up to date with the world. Most of all, I feel it opens new opportunities for you to grow. You can learn things from anyone and from anywhere.

The one who keeps learning new things, may it be a part of a degree or any hobby, is the one who always keeps growing. Earning or having one profession is not enough. Learn to live life through observations, reading, listening, and so on.

So, let’s keep learning, allow yourself to acquire knowledge every day, and you’ll find yourself young always!

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