Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Know where to stop!!

“You are a wise and mature person. You know everything but what you lack is knowing where to stop.” Dad said

“We can have good hearts, we can be hardworking, we can be endlessly kind, intelligent but knowing where to stop is very important to give justice to your above abilities,” he said further.

We all know that we want success. We also find ourselves capable of many things. Considering our potential, we start to do what we want. But we need to be careful about what we start because finishing what we have started is very important.

Part of the happiness of the life consists not in fighting battles, but in avoiding them. A masterly retreat is in itself a victory.

Norman Vincent Peale

As rightly said, being capable doesn’t always mean we should do it or continue doing it despite problems. A major part of success also lies in understanding that we don’t always need to fight battles to be successful, but it is important to be smart and learn to avoid them.

Sometimes, it is important to understand that the energy and time we are giving to something is not exactly the thing that will lead to success. We can leave that and involve ourselves in something better. But quitting is not always the solution. We must learn to start new things only after deep studies and be committed to finishing them.

Now, there’s a difference between where to stop and quitting the goal.

You might think both are similar things. But they are not.

Sometimes, our own potential stops us from growing by not letting us take a pause where we should. When we stop working on something, it could be a mini pause to our long-term goals, then we find the purpose of stopping to explore something which might be the need of time. So, we stop with a reasonable purpose for something better.

Quitting is different, we quit because we think we made the wrong decision by starting a new thing. We quit with no reasonable purpose and with no positive understanding. 

Knowing where to stop is a positive decision in life while quitting what you have started is a negative decision in life.

Overdoing things is not always a good thing. We have some defined goals, but even after working hard, we don’t get what we wished for in time. Here, in such situations, we need to stop, understand our problems, and then restart all over again if needed. This will bring better results, otherwise, we may find ourselves in situations to quit.

We suffer from bad experiences because being kind doesn’t mean we should start acting tough or leave being kind, but we should take a break, understand what went wrong in situations, and keep faith in kindness.

Likewise in other situations, we don’t need to quit being what we are, but we need to learn and grow with the lessons we are receiving. We need to learn where to stop and come back with full potential.

Just as the rain stops for a while and sunshine in between, we find a beautiful rainbow, a small pause or stop in the struggle may bring a beautiful rainbow to our life.

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