Sunday, June 23, 2024

Let’s be considerate in our conversation!!

“You’re very soft-hearted. I think you need to be strong in conversation. You must act as their boss.” My colleague said, “I believe in self-motivation, not in order.” I said.

I had read one quote from an unknown link once, and it touched my heart.

“Speak to people in a way that if they died the next day, you’d be satisfied with the last thing you said to them.”

I think what we say has an impact on a person. If we say good or act good, people remember us from that conversation. If we make them feel bad about themselves or talk evil, they will remember us in that way. People feel respected when we make good conversations.

I believe society needs encouragement and positivity. We all go through one or another sort of problem. We need to be careful while making conversation; we need to be understanding while doing so.

One Charlie Chaplin quote I remember in this context, “You need power only when you want to do something harmful; otherwise, love is enough to get everything done.”

Isn’t it a fantastic philosophy?

We don’t need to talk harmful or humiliating to do something good. Love is capable of doing so.

In my article humility, I made you all think about being humble; here, I want to take your attention towards great conversations.

People remember you from the words you say, and we must make sure they’re great.

There may come situations, we raise our voices, make quarrels but have we thought, what loss they make? This disturbs good relations and the environment.

Your presence must make everyone feel encouraging, delightful, empathetic, and authentic.

So dear all, let’s commit ourselves to be lovable and considerate in every conversation we make, may it be professional or personal.

Consider situations, background, and feelings of others. Let’s dream about a society that strives for love and not power.

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