Let’s be grateful!

I was randomly going through some Instagram reels, and suddenly I found one video with the message that “If you have bad days, then just list down five things you’re grateful for today!”

It was a coincidence that I was feeling low and had an unfortunate bad day. I thought for a while, took a paper and pen, and listed down five things I’m grateful for.

Suddenly my mood went from low to good. It made me internally happy, and I started working on my new plans. It is a fantastic trick!

It happens many times that we don’t get what we wished for. We get lots of disappointments and failures in life. Some days even start with us thinking not so happy about situations around us. But then, listing things we are grateful for shifts our focus to what we have rather than what we do not.

We could be grateful for having good health, home, parents-grandparents around us, a friend who could firmly stand behind us, or maybe having good people around us. You can have different things to be grateful about.

Listing them will certainly make you realize that there are things that will be with us always whatever may happen. Those things are like a backbone for us.

Let’s celebrate our lives by listing those things out. Be grateful for what we have and see the miracle happens for us.

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