Sunday, June 23, 2024

Let’s be reasonable

“We should take more time in understanding and gaining information. Jumping to conclusions is not the right way to deal with situations,” my sister said.

“Also, you may not always have complete information at some point in time. Your first task is to wait, ask questions and then conclude,” my friend added.

One day, my friend, sister, and I decided to do something. But somehow, I concluded that both of them were not interested. In reality, it wasn’t the case, but my jumping to conclusions led me to cancel the plan. Then both of them made me realize that I shouldn’t conclude with less information and ask questions before concluding.

We often jump to conclusions, maybe intentionally or unintentionally. More often, jumping to conclusions results from holding insufficient information about something or deriving something because we “feel” so.

Like, one of my friends said, he didn’t like someone. Knowing that person for a long time, I asked him out of curiosity, why? He said he didn’t even smile or acknowledge my presence.

I thought this wasn’t a criterion to judge people. That guy must be simply going through bad which made him not smile or acknowledge that friend. But that certainly doesn’t make him unlikeable.

Jumping to conclusions triggers many such incidents and many of our arguments.

I think we all jump to conclusions with preexisting knowledge of situations or interfering with what we see. We may conclude from the generalization of people around us. Like someone says that some families are not good, we also conclude that family is not reasonable without knowing reality.

Whatever the reason, we always find that conclusion is the more straightforward way to deal with situations or affirm our beliefs.

But it is a very wrong way to deal.

Sometimes we conclude unintentionally. We don’t have a backup of information. Sometimes we conclude intentionally with insufficient or somewhat incomplete knowledge of situations. In both cases, we are not giving justice to conditions.

I feel we must wait before jumping to conclusions. We must find time to ask questions before finally making decisions. We should not decide just because “we feel” or “we think” way. We must always be aware and interested in knowing rather than concluding.

Suppose we feel we are dealing with important people in our lives who often conclude without knowing. In that case, we must make them understand what is wrong with their thinking and help them to be more attentive.

So, everyone let us understand the need to be reasonable. We must learn to be actual observers of society and not be the ones who believe in conclusions.

With this small change, let’s make society more livable and spread it throughout.

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