Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Let’s keep our fundamentals intact!

“We are part of society, and compromise with one or other thing is part of life. You will encounter many situations where you’ll need to compromise to maintain relations, to maintain situations. You have to choose whether or not to compromise with a few things in life, but there shouldn’t be any compromise with fundamentals, your core values, and the trust of others.” My dad said.

We have been learning throughout life how to handle situations around us. We make many compromises in life. But then there come boundaries to compromises we make. Our fundamentals create those boundaries.

What do our fundamentals mean?

Fundamentals are the essential core of our life. It is our foundation on which we are living like every building has a foundation. If that foundation is not perfect, the life of the building will be reduced.

Likewise, if our foundation of life is not perfect, there are high chances we may not have a meaningful life.

Self-awareness, good health, ethical acts, gratitude, humility, kindness and not harming others are some of the fundamental values our life is based on.

Human life has to have these core values and needs to follow them throughout life.

All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender. For it is all given and no take.

Mahatma Gandhi

So, as rightly pointed out in the quote, we compromise in life believing in the concept of giving and take. But can we compromise our fundamentals? Will you compromise for something in return that might be against your core values?

Certainly not. And we should not also.

One must be very conscious about the work he is doing. One must take care that what he is doing is not harming anyone else.

That’s the point where we as human beings act like human beings. If everyone takes this positively, we would be dreaming about an ideal society. A society where Fundamentals are followed, where everyone is responsible and conscious. Everyone contributes to society in the proportion they receive from it.

We can together make it happen. We all can make sure to keep our fundamentals intact for the benefit of society.

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