Let’s make our lives worth living!

We are taught to do and live life in a box. We were asked to study this, pass this exam, and get a job. Do this and get settled in life.

But have we thought about what really sparks a light in us? What do we love to do?

How we spend our time is how we spend our days. How we spend our days is how our life goes. How our life goes determines whether we thought it was worth living.

Keith Yamashita

It is very important for us to do what makes our life really worth living. We must search for that and make an effort.

It is a big question for most of us, what sparks a light in me?

I like to do coding, but I also like to do the writing. Sometimes, I feel writing makes me happier, and it is like meditation for me. So, apart from my professional things, I also write.

It may be the same with all of us. You are doing something to earn and have some excellence in other things. You also like to do that. But you may not be able to leave your job or work for what you love due to responsibilities. What to do then?

We can make time to do that in our spare time. We can make use of our hobbies to create change in our surroundings. Like, you may like singing or drawing. You can make use of it to create positivity in your surroundings.

You may like to teach; you can take classes as per your schedule.

It is the first step to know what you like. The next step is to find time to develop excellence in that, and the third and foremost step I feel is to bring positive change in our surroundings from what we love to do.

Therefore, folks, let us make a serious attempt to work on what sparks a light in us. As I said in a previous article, once we do what sparks a light in us, we can use that light to illuminate the world around us. We are the ones who can make our lives worth living for ourselves as well as for society.

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