Listen to the words behind silence!!

Silence! We all had heard this word from our parents, teachers, and elders when we were playing or shouting. We know that silence has one meaning, keeping calm and doing nothing that will make noise.

As we grew up, we came to know different meanings of silence.

“Silence has meaning.’

An old proverb

We are going through too much in life. There come situations we are unable to cope with. We cannot make decisions. Silence plays an important role in our life. When we can’t understand what’s going on, keep silent.

Silence helps us to concentrate. We can focus on things that are important for us without any disturbances.

Silence gives us enough space to think about ourselves. When we sit in silence and keep the world aside, it resets our minds. It clears our thoughts and gives us enough strength to deal with everything in our ways.

When provided with silence, the child learns better. Silence increases the learning and understanding ability of everyone.

When we learn to keep silent in the circumstances, it gives us strength and increases our patience. Patience creates tolerance and understanding in relationships.

For example, being tolerant and calm in traffic can keep your mental peace and allow you to work better. If we lose our temper in traffic and signals, it creates an unnecessary loss of peace, affecting our productivity.

Sometimes silence is the best answer. When someone is angry and decides not to talk, they keep silent as a way to disassociate themselves from disagreements. One has to understand and try to get away with those misunderstandings.

Silence helps one to meditate. Yoga and meditation have proven benefits for health, especially our immunity.

Silence is the most excellent skill one can achieve in life to understand, be aware and live life. Practicing silence can help you grow, increase creativity, productivity, and learning ability.

So, give yourself a break, live in solitude, and change your life for the better. Observe yourself growing and making society more beautiful by becoming tolerant and patient individuals. Practice silence for growth.

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