Make a world with beautiful connections!!

“Okay, I understand about having connections with others, but how to do that? I mean, how can I become one?” my friend asked.

It is easy. We don’t need to make much effort to make someone feel connected with us.

All we need to do is to give minute attention to a few things. We need to pay attention to what a person is saying, what he/she wants to communicate beyond words, and what they want to convey to us.

We need to ask them questions, if necessary, what’s bothering them, or what do they like. We need to seek what they think about the conversation or our relation with them. We can freely seek feedback from them. When someone tries to tell you something, you need to pretend that you’re not someone who knows everything.

Like taking the case of a child, when a child tells you something you already know, yet you make them believe that they have told us something new. It encourages them to say or tell more. Children feel connected because of this act. Children feel connected when we talk and ask them questions.

It’s the same with everyone.

We need to befriend others; we need to be caring about others.

Just a few skills, and we would be ready with a person the world wants to connect with.

Connections make us good friends, good colleagues, good partners, and so on. Connections are the bottom line for any relationship to grow and sustain.

Making good connections with others and creating an encouraging, passionate, and supportive environment is a fantastic thing one can do.

Let’s make it a great attempt to connect with people wherever possible and look forward to seeing society with the positivity of connections.

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