Monday, July 15, 2024

Music is everywhere!

Hello folks!!

It’s been a long time since we met.

Actually, I was enjoying some life out there, and you know who accompanied me all these times?

Music. It was world music day yesterday and I realized let’s take this occasion to reconnect with you all.

Music is a basic need that no one actually lists as a basic need.

I haven’t come across a person who would say, ” I don’t like music”. Yes, there are people out there who would love other things more than music yet there’s no life without music. No soul-soothing without music.

There’s music in laughter as well as in crying, there’s music in religious activities, and there’s music in enjoyment. Music is everywhere.

That morning prayer of mom which brings musical positivity at home, then the singing sibling starts the morning with good music. Then you start work and in between, you listen to some song and your mood gets a great swing. You start doing that work with double energy.

It’s the same music that takes an important place in the car. Music gives company while driving alone.

It’s music that makes us emotional and reminds us of someone whose hands we can’t hold but can stay in our hearts and mind.

It’s the guitar that helps us compose something, and there’s the piano which decorates the surroundings.

How every single thing of our life redirects us to music!

I have one friend who speaks only through music and songs. No statements. How beautiful isn’t it?

So, I am writing this while listening to my favorite song, “Pyaar Ke Pal“, by Kk. We all are going to miss him and will continue to soothe our souls from the songs he already left for us. Here’s my attempt to give tribute to him for his contribution to this music industry.

With this note, I would like to know which music you guys love the most, and yes “belated happy world music day”.

Keep singing, keep dancing to music, and love music.

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