Sunday, June 23, 2024

Nature is the best teacher!

“Learn things from nature. When in doubt, go out and talk to nature. You’ll get all your answers.” My dad said.

“When you keep your eyes and mind open, you’ll find nature is teaching you.”, mom added.

One day, I talked with my parents, and in discussions, I asked them, who is the greatest teacher of all time? Here, they told me this.

I certainly could not understand that time properly, but I understood the meaning behind the words as I grew up.

“This is a symbiotic relationship. One has one good quality while another has other good. Both are together giving best to nature and ultimately to us”, dad said.

We all have heard the name Giloy during the pandemic. When this climber shrub grows on neem plants, it absorbs good nutrients from neem, and it is used as the best medicine for treating many diseases. So, my dad told me how two good people come together, giving their best in nature.

Another incident my mom told me whenever you are on the taker side, make sure you’re a taker like a honey bee collecting nectar from flowers. She said honeybees take enough care not to disturb a flower from their collecting work and ultimately provide medicinal honey to the world.

Nature teaches you to be the best in your life. When we closely observe nature from the moment we wake up, we find ourselves learning the best secrets.

How that nightingale sings in summer, a beautiful migrant bird adjusts itself in new environments? How do those migrant birds fly together to new destinations with unity?

There is no other song that gives you peace like the morning songs of birds and the sound of trees dancing with air.

Those drops of morning fog give soothing feelings to your soul. A street dog accompanying you for your morning walk teaches you that you can be friends even without talking.

Nature teaches us patience and makes us realize that nothing comes immediately. It takes time for good things.

Now, we know nature is a good teacher. But are we good students or listeners?

We ignore songs of nature that tell us good things. We disturb nature and hence suffer from various issues in nature, such as climate change. We forget to respect trees, birds, and all other animals that are part of nature which is continuously trying to teach us.

When we realize this and move closer to understanding nature deeply, we form a sustainable relationship with nature. This is society’s need, and all of us together can bring differences in our lives with this.

The closer to nature, the more sustainable our society will undoubtedly become.

आप इसे हिंदी भी पढ़ सकते हैं – प्रकृति सबसे अच्छी शिक्षक है!

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