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Questioning: Most underrated skill

Since childhood, I have been a curious human. I would ask questions on everything, may it be a rule my mom asked me to follow or a science experiment. I was fortunate to have my parents and teachers, who always encouraged me to ask more questions by answering my every question.

When I met people around me, I observed that asking a question was considered a sign of weakness or disrespect by many.

Most of my friends said they never questioned their parents out of respect and never asked teachers out of fear.

I feel a child asking questions is a thinker of the future. A person who is not tired of being curious makes enough growth.

I have met many people throughout my life and observed that one who asks more questions is always ready with solutions to unexpected questions of life.

Now, why must this be the case?

Because, as I said earlier, the one who questions becomes a thinker in the future.

Getting answers to curiosity makes a person more open to the depth of the situation. If one doesn’t ask questions, he will never get a response. This will undoubtedly make the person no more curious about that situation.

In life, many situations can be easily handled if we have asked similar questions in the past.

Scientists could invent or discover just because they question everything.

Philosophers go to search for meaning in life by asking questions and finding answers.

Asking questions in a professional place makes a person more literate in terms of experience.

Even if asking questions is an underrated and essential skill, it doesn’t mean asking anything.

We must know what to ask to whom and where. We must ask specific questions and never generalize them. The most important thing I feel while asking the question is finding answers to them first.

This makes a person more specific about what exactly he is searching for. If he/she finds a solution on their own, he/she will enter into the depth of the situation.

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