Sunday, June 23, 2024

Reflections on Change and Conformity in Society

Leaves fall, the wind blows, and the sun shines. Change is necessary. Conformity enslaves us. We need to break free from it.

Dear life,
Leaves fall in love with the ground, wind on holiday, the sun is on fire, and we humans call it summer. It’s the start of autumn with the end of winter. Even nature keeps each day different. Perhaps sometimes, we fail to understand it.

Change is necessary for all of us. We need to change in every direction, sometimes our morals and principles. It’s not that our day is not different but thought about it in the shot, our way of thinking is the same old-fashioned, a put-on one.

No matter where we go or stay, it is always with us but without change. Sometimes we accept this blindly and then start to analyze it in a decided pattern. Something like it’s been told to us that we should think only and only in a limited direction.

Deep down, you realize that there is no one who is continuously manipulating us still. This problem persists, so the question is, from where does it come? How far does it cover? When is it going to end? Why is it continuously haunting us?

“Conformity conformity conformity” may be what we heard it. If one follows the decided idealist moral, others behave like they don’t have any other option to look at. It’s called the bandwagon effect. It created a separate place in each of us to demand over us.

We might agree that no one is guiding or manipulating us. Still, the fact is that rotten thought conquers over our materialist body and gives us the shape of a follower, and we are proud to call it a society that decides everything from our smallest to hardest thing. We are the slave of our thought. Unless it changes, nothing will happen except bullshit that we keep speaking off.

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