Respect artists, value art!

“Can you give it to me ?” He said.
“For free?” She asked.
“Yes, of course,” He said.
“No, I’ll not.” She said.

I was listening to the conversation between two people, one my artist friend who is a skilled painter and another my friend who liked her painting. He asked her to give it for free.

Her no and later on the reason behind her no made me think on one different aspect of artists we as a society miss.

Artists paint, draw, sing, write, dance, or may take other artistic activities. Many times we fail to value their art.

I have seen many artists showing their marvelous arts for free to the world.

I think, as we pay professionals for their skills, we must also pay artists for their art skills. We must respect artists for their creations.

This value we give for art encourages artists to more creations. Allows them to use their creativity at most.

I am convinced about one famous dialogue from one of my favorite movies, “The Dark Knight”;

If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

Art is the soul of society. It brings everyone together and satisfies everyone in its form. Art influences society, allows cultures to communicate, and become a vehicle for change in society.

Artists are responsible for showing the real world to us and expressing the beauty of this world.

Therefore, I urge everyone to respect artists and value their art.

Admire the excellence of people and encourage them to use their excellence for the betterment of society.

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