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Spread love everywhere you go!!

“You must always forgive people you love and, that’s the secret of long relationships,” my dad said.

“If you find anger or misunderstandings as a reason to end things, then you have a long way to learn, my dear. The day you understand that relationships are more important than carrying anger for a long time is the day you have won.” My mom added.

“May it be personal or professional, value people around you, and don’t hesitate to be the first one to resolve issues in your relationships. You’ll certainly grow no matter what the situation is.” my dad added.

Many years ago, my parents and I were discussing how long relationships work. I asked them, “Don’t you get angry with each other or your employees? And if so, do you break relationships?” Above were the beautiful lines from the conversation.

I remembered this discussion on valentine’s day when along with love quotes, I came across some posts on Instagram that led to negative thoughts about it.

Love is an eternal feeling. It can never be the past but will always be the present.

Do we cease loving parents? Or do they stop forgiving us? No, because we have a bond.

That’s the same in every relationship. People say that we shouldn’t get angry at all. But like love, anger is a human emotion, and it will undoubtedly express unfulfilled expectations.

Then what? As we get angry, we create misunderstandings with any relation around us. That’s fine. But what is not OK in society is that people stop making efforts to understand situations, people, and expectations.

When I look around the world, people are blocking each other, not talking to each other, breaking up, divorcing, leaving companies over issues of bosses, or saying enduring unending griefs in the name of anger, ego, and misunderstandings.

But I feel – if we take every relation as childhood misunderstanding, I don’t think we will ever end any relation or cause any pain to another human soul. Every human soul is beautiful.

Do you remember when you quarreled with your school friend over an eraser, and both of you came together as a team immediately in the playground? That’s precisely true even today. We forget that innocence in human relationships is the key to long relationships as we grow up.

It happens that you hurt people. We often hurt people we love out of expectations, even if not intentionally. But it’s not crucial how angry you were; it is essential how quickly and possibly with maturity you deal with those situations.

Long-term employees are loyal to firms not only because of the money they get, but also because of how their bosses deal with them when they need it. It is essential how solution-oriented leaders are and what they think about the needs of their employees. No employee leaves a good leader.

Basic human nature is happiness. No one wants to be unhappy. Everyone wants long-lasting relationships, may it in personal or professional. But what we forget is to keep childhood innocence in it – and we go with anger or ego.

As a part of a rational society, if we understand that human relations are easy to understand and not rigid, we create positive vibes in society.

Anger is the same human emotion as love is. But never let the anger pair up with ego, instead make anger work with childhood innocence to sort every issue.

We will have to let love win in society over anger with misunderstandings.

आप इसे हिंदी भी पढ़ सकते हैं – आप जहां भी जाएं प्यार फैलाएं !!

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