Sunday, June 23, 2024

Stick to your roots

Will there be life in plants without roots?

Yes, it’s the same when we don’t stick to our roots. Sticking to our roots means always having a relationship with your homeland, always remember the culture we’re grown up from, and be loyal to our origin.

With globalization and people’s free movement, people left their place and shifted to other places for work, money, and opportunities. It’s always good to grow, and no harm in leaving your homeland to grow.

One settles for a new place and accepts a new food, new culture, and new things that weren’t part of his/her own home then. This is also nice but in the process of accepting new land, leaving behind our roots, and not remembering our food, culture, and things you were grown up in, is certainly not good.

The first harm of not sticking to your own roots is health. You know you used to drink milk when you were young, and now you got lactose intolerance? Have you found alternatives such as almond milk in New land?

No, my dear, it isn’t lactose intolerance (unless medically proven); it is just changed in the environment. You remember all activities you used to do back home and try following a few in new lands.

Teach your children about your culture. I know you’ll feel good and touched. Eat what you used to have then, and all your health issues will be resolved.

Remember what all things you used to do, may it be small, but it’ll give you satisfaction in life.

There’s saying,

“When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.”

So, stick to your roots while exploring the world.

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