Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Story of innocence, honesty, and kindness!

“We all must learn this attitude in life,” my friend said.

One evening my friends and I were having a discussion on good things we have listened to or heard or experienced in life.

One of my friends shared one awesome story she read in the newspaper. That story touched my heart.

I would like to narrate in short for you all.

One boy was boarding the train. While boarding, one of his shoes fell on the platform. Suddenly the train started. One poor boy of almost the same age who was struggling with his torn-out slippers found it. He quickly picked that shoe up and started running to return it to the boy who boarded the train. He tried hard but was unable to keep up the speed of the train.

The boy who was already on board the train started thinking that anyway, I’ll not be getting that shoe return; he thinks for a second and throws another shoe with him on the platform. Both of them share a smile. After all, he gave something without any expectation and another because he received something he needed. That innocence, honesty, and kindness touched our hearts.

What a deed!

It often happens that we may not need something in life, but that may be the most important thing for someone else.

We may outgrow them, but it may be necessary for someone to start something new.

We must always be in search of those things and people in need in our life. This simple search may give us long-lasting satisfaction.

One small deed at the perfect time for a person in need may prove big for them.

Those acts, without expecting anything in return, are the ones we need in society.

Let’s build a beautiful world with our small acts of giving without expecting anything in return! Make everyone believe in the beauty of the world!

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