Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Sunday Afternoon

It was a Sunday afternoon—hot, sweltering here in Nagpur. Sun was emitting heat spontaneously. Crows, cows, buffalo, domestic and wild dogs, cats, and humans were all searching for shelter here and there. Some of us did not even dare to come outside, while others were out because of compulsive duty.

The city was in tranquility. No sound, no mammals, no discussion, nothing at all, and the first time, I felt a peaceful atmosphere even though my body was continuously repulsing may be due to heat. Gradually as time passed, people began to spend their evening with a sweet glimpse of Golgappa, sweet corner, shopping, etc.

Crowded surrounding add dullness to the beautiful atmosphere. Auto, bikes, private vehicles, and cycle rickshaws were making harsh sounds continuously. Shopkeepers and mobile sellers were busy cleaning their shops and things by polluting roads with all types of Garbage. Air got polluted with ground-level Garbage and speedy vehicles spreading it all over the place.

A group gathered near ATM and started to flaunt the girl. Some of them abuse them loudly, making girls shame of themselves. Some boys talk loudly in nonsense slang fashion.

Beggers were doing their work efficiently by showing themselves as low and dirty as possible. Nobody here was following rules or a more proper sense of living.

People’s behavior toward others can clearly portray the gap between rich and poor.

Nobody cares about others. Everyone was showing business in what they considered important. But the truth was bi; it, it never on this filthy side.

I was still there watching all this. Suddenly water came on me, which was thrown by the fish seller. There I came, wet and conscious.

He was not even feeling guilty about that. Instead, he started shouting at me. Why do you sit there? Is that your property? – with proper slang words.

I listened to him calmly and left him with a comment about the Nice tradition and behavior of Banarasia. Thank you, uncle.

Problems will never end here until people start to think about others. Nobody is safe in every aspect. See, is this what we are all expecting?

I’m not here to tell you something or ask something, not even for greedy purposes, not all that you are guessing. I’m here to live, and I mean it. Let me.

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