Sunday, June 23, 2024

Think for the Long Term

“I am not buying to show if it is expensive. I’m buying it because I don’t want to change it more often. I want something reliable for the long term.” I replied.

One day, when I was buying something, my friend asked, “why do you always believe in expensive things?”

Here, I tried to make my stand clear to him.

In my experiences, I have observed that I want things that would stay longer, which would work better. So, while choosing them, I find myself buying more expensive ones.

My aim is not to help consumerism or praise expensive things; instead, I aim to be sustainable.

Let’s take an example. We buy something which we like from comparison with other options. Often we end up choosing the one which might not be expensive. We might compromise quality to get something, like taking the case of a lamp. I bought an inexpensive lamp.

Now, I own something that’s not expensive, but somehow it stopped working or got damaged a bit earlier than my estimate. Here, I again went shopping and bought another inexpensive one. This one also got damaged.

I have already spent twice on something that could have worked longer if I had bought an expensive one (quality product) earlier. I might have saved some bucks on buying expensive ones in one instance than buying inexpensive ones twice or thrice. Also, it would have served me well in the long run.

Here, I aim to bring our attention to one aspect of our choices that we majorly ignore.

We ignore that we can decide what might look expensive today but may prove inexpensive in the long term.

What looks expensive to others might be the most inexpensive choice you could make for yourself.

We all know it is not quantity but the quality that matters most. Quality needs hefty efforts, and that’s why it comes with extra underlying costs.

One day, I asked my parents why they preferred local shopkeepers for groceries or clothes for all these years, even though an inexpensive online market had opened up for us.

They said, these people have been giving us what we wanted for these many years, and in all these years we never got any complaints about them. They always ensured that we would get the best, and they always tried to maintain our trust. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or inexpensive. What matters is the long-term relationship they pleaded with us.

These words triggered my thoughts.

They also made me think that we live in a world where so many choices and options surround us. But we mostly go towards what looks easy, inexpensive to use in the short term. We don’t take a realistic view of the long term.

From discussions with parents and my own experiences, I realized our decisions should always look towards being inexpensive in the long term rather than in the short term.

We must always think of the long term.

What looks expensive today may be the most inexpensive choice for the long term.

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