Monday, July 15, 2024

Treat others the way you want to be treated

“Treat others the way you want to be treated,” my mother said.
“and we all want to be treated with respect”, she said further.

I and my mother were discussing our behavior with others and this statement made me realize being respectful is the most important thing.

Respect is important because it gives us a sense of security and trust. When someone treats you with respect, it gives you an instant feeling of safety and happiness. Others become freer and freer with you and help you grow because of your respectful treatment towards them.

A child who is treated with respect becomes a human who will be respectful towards everyone.

We can show respect in many small ways. We can listen to others with patience and it is the way to show respect. We can treat others equally as a way to show respect.

We can consider the inability of others to act the way we want and give space to others wherever they want. We can always try to understand others emphatically.

Treating others with respect also gives them a chance to understand you better and change their opinions about you. Respecting others’ time also gives you an upper hand in good management.

There’s no good in a relationship without respect because respect gives a strong foundation to every relationship. You may fight with others, you may disagree with others but disrespecting anyone can never be a good thing. Whatever we do, if coupled with respect, can enhance the results in everything we are doing.

Being respectful of others is important but do you know what is more important?

Being respectful about your own self.

We go through many things, many people talk to us and there are many people who might affect our self-respect. Keeping self-respect intact is very much important to grow. If we don’t respect ourselves, we may not be able to give respect to others. We must learn to be respectful about ourselves.

So, we must respect ourselves and others and receive the best world can offer to us.

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