Monday, July 15, 2024

Trust and Encourage

“You reduce some of this attitude and increase some of that,” he said.
For the 3rd time in a row, I asked him whether he had completed the task I told him to complete. Then he said, “yes.” I was so happy that I thanked him three times in a row.

Then he said the above statement to me. He told me to reduce the happiness we gain when someone does what we say and increase trust in someone we ask to complete work.

I understood the whole point. Yes, I had the wrong attitude of not trusting people. It led me to complete every task myself without giving someone reasonable time and trust to complete it.

It was not correct. Also, I used to get a lot happier if someone did something I asked to do. That was also wrong.

I understood that we need to trust people, we may think we are capable, but we can’t do everything alone.

We need teammates to complete tasks. We need to trust each of them. Then only – we will be able to bring results. Otherwise, we will end up doing everything alone, and the results will be delayed.

Also, getting happy means satisfaction even on small things, which will restrict results from others.

We should appreciate people but shouldn’t be satisfied completely with them. We must encourage them to work with greater efficiency. Doing this will increase their potential and help them grow.

So, start trusting more, reduce being satisfied, and encourage everyone around you.

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