Trust: More important than being loved

“Mom, do you think trust is more important than love?” I asked my mother.

“Being called trustworthy is the most outstanding achievement in your life. Trust is an essential part of human relations. Never break anyone’s trust. Love may fade or grow with time, but it is a mutual trust that defines relationships,” My mother said.

“Look at that baby bird. He is learning to fly, and his mother is teaching him. It is a relationship of trust which is giving strength to that little bird to jump and learn. He is sure that his parents will be there if he misses the jump and will save him. Be like them.” My father said.

Breaking anyone’s trust is considered as the biggest reason for the end of good relationships, whether personal or business.

But beyond trust, love is an important aspect of any relationship. I always had doubts whether love is more important than trust.

But wisdom words from my parents made me convinced that – trust is more important than love.

We must be trustworthy for everyone around us, may it be relations of love or business.

Now, why must trust overpower love?

We have seen so many quotes, so many movies about the power of love. Then what makes trust more important?

Trust is the basis of every relationship. We can love people, but it is trust which is the foundation of love, just like the story of a baby bird.

Trust develops through actions. It is earned. Trust allows both parties to share their feelings, emotions, future plans, or actions without fear and judgment.

May you love a person or not, trust makes relations stronger. But if there’s no trust in love, surely relations won’t last. Any relation without trust is a selfish relation. Sole trust is enough for relation, and sole love may not.

Trust makes us believe in ourselves. When a person we trust asks us something and tells us something, we find ourselves listening to the person we trust. Trust is earned through actions. Trust always takes effort on “us” and not only “me.”

People might break relations if there is no love, but they can come back together if there was no breakage of trust. It might have happened to us that we have not talked to some friends for years, maybe because of our busy schedule. That friend could be our best friend in childhood. But whenever we met again, we would get connected with the same innocence. In relations where there is trust, they would never die. Those relations bounce back with the same energy, the same enthusiasm, and the same trust.

But have you seen yourself going back to a person you might love and have broken your trust?

Mostly NO. Why? Because trust is more important. It takes more time to get in touch with a person who broke your trust than those you have just come out of love with.

So, dear all, be trustworthy. Take others in confidence about your aims before doing something that might break anyone’s trust. Make people feel important and see the change around you. You can grow a society that would make life simple, better, and happier.

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