Monday, July 15, 2024

(Un) Happiness of my life

Why does it happen to me? Why is everything going wrong with me?

Do you ask these questions to yourself or discuss them with others more often?

Well, I feel all those who ask these questions to themselves and become sad every time have not ever appreciated happy moments in life.

We all go through many incidents during a day, a week, a year, and over a period of time. We do get sad sometimes, but it isn’t that we are unhappy all the time. It is not our nature.

In Fact we remain more in a happy to normal phase than a sad phase during all these times. Then, why sadness in our life has fetched so much of our attention? Why do we get depressed when there are happier to normal moments in our life than the sad ones?

I think it is because we don’t appreciate our happy moments. I have observed people praising someone’s good qualities to others less times and often discussing their bad qualities.

In my early teen days, many of my friends used to focus on how bad their parents were and how they were not getting what they wanted. I have observed that very few people really appreciate what they have and how good their surroundings are.

Every turn of life has good and bad experiences. No one gets everything in the world. But, the one who cherishes every moment of life, is the one who gets all the happiness in the world.

Every time we curse ourselves with the questions like above, we forget every awesome thing, right there present with us.

We always attract what we wish for.

So, let’s appreciate the presence of everyone and everything in our life and start living happily.

Do not forget that there’s nothing that makes us unhappy. It’s us who make it not appreciable enough.

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