Monday, July 15, 2024

Walk towards a solution!

“You have to be solution-oriented. If you have issues with something, find a solution without even wasting time criticizing it. Unless you do so, you will not understand whether your problem deserves to waste time on it or not.” Friend said.

It was just another day with my friend when he and I discussed one of my issues. Since I raised the same issue multiple times, he told me the above lines. I realized what he was saying was true.

We often involve ourselves in thinking about problems and consequences, but we rarely think about solutions. Once we start thinking about solutions, we save a lot of energy.

I have one friend who regularly travels to his workplace in one of the big cities. It used to take nearly an hour for him to reach. He said I couldn’t take care of my good health because I waste so much time traveling. I asked him, what if you change your time slightly to avoid a rush? He tried and found a great deal in life to maintain health and office.

Isn’t that amazing?

Being solution-oriented means thinking immediately about solutions. Next, is it something we can resolve? If yes, then take steps toward it. If we can’t do anything about it, then immediately leave thinking about it. You might think it’s easy to say but not so easy to work on it, right?

Well, that is not always the case. We always create blockages in our brain, like thinking on issues unnecessarily.

Our aim should always be to provide a straightforward and quick solution as early as possible. We must not only focus on the problem, but we should also ask ourselves Why this problem? What are the circumstances that led to it? And most importantly, what is the best I can do immediately to solve it?

This strategy might help most of us to walk towards a solution.

It is also necessary to identify our problems well in time to be solution-oriented.

To be solution-oriented, one needs to be very oriented towards relationships, knowledge, and equipped with information. It requires being optimistic in life to find solutions to problems.

Our singular focus is to be a solution, and that’s the only way we can think sustainably. We must also learn to move on if a problem remains unsolved or has no solution despite thinking critically.

So, dear all, let’s walk on the path of finding solutions rather than just piling problems up. It will undoubtedly declutter issues from life and let us enjoy life.

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