Sunday, June 23, 2024

We all need empathy and not sympathy

“You’re not empathetic,” I told him.

This was a usual talk with one of my friends who generally gives sympathetic reactions.

Like when there comes a situation where you require a person to understand you through your eyes, helps you and lift you up, but then there are people who would give sorry reaction to your situation.

We all know that no one except us would solve our problems, but all we need is just an empathetic person around us.

Being empathetic makes you a healer.

Many of us are not able to differentiate empathy and sympathy.

Sympathy is just feeling sorry for someone. Empathy is the ability to feel what someone is going through.

Being sympathetic towards someone could make someone feel more poor, bad, or demotivating while being empathetic could lift him/her up, and feel motivated.

Not everyone likes someone to be sympathetic towards them, but empathy gives positivity.

Sympathy is like “I am sorry for your loss,” and empathy is like “I understand what it feels like after loosing this.”

One should aim at lifting people up and connect with them with this skill called empathy.

It is not difficult.

We are humans, emotional animals. There is a whole world that will be sympathetic but be the empathetic one.

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