Tuesday, May 28, 2024

What actually defines us?

“Our intentions do not exactly define us, but we are defined through our actions. Further, knowing the consequences of your actions on others is essential. I feel we need to take at most care of the consequences of our actions.” My grandmother said,

In a random conversation with my grandmother, where we started discussing what matters most? Our intentions about others or thoughts about others? In an explanation on a surprising point, she told me the above thing, our actions and their consequences on others matter.

That day I understood one thing, no doubt, doing good or right to others is essential. Still, it is also necessary to have actions that do not create harmful consequences for others.

In today’s world, her words with wisdom matter most. We talk mean to others, misbehave with others, or have actions that might create an issue for others. We are being taught not to care about what others think about our actions, or we don’t take care of what others will go through because of our actions. Why? Because we need to take care of ourselves and our feelings.

I understood that we need to take care of our actions and outcomes from them.

We can have good intentions about the world. But do you think having good intentions is enough? Is having good thoughts about society enough?

No, it is not unless actions back our thoughts or intentions. Good intentions with evil actions might not be good.

You can be a person with great views, but having good thoughts or intentions doesn’t matter if you do not have supporting actions.

“It’s our actions that define us. What we choose. What we resist. What we’re willing to die for.”

— Karen Marie Moning

We may think our actions are the result of our thinking and our feelings. Our feelings are important, but our actions define us. We will not be remembered by our intentions, but our actions make others remember us. For example, the intention of loving someone is not enough; our actions of supporting and standing by the person in need matter the most.

No one gets arrested for having the intention of killing someone, but his action of killing someone lands him in jail.

In another conversation with my father, he put more stress on good actions. He said, “if you think doing bad to others through your actions doesn’t really affect you, then my dear, that’s the biggest misconception you are having. Creating negative energy in the surroundings ultimately creates negative energy within you too. You won’t be spared from the bad consequences of your actions on others in cases. So, don’t do or think bad about anyone.”

Let’s all of us start thinking about our actions and their consequences on others. Making this good attempt can bring a substantial impact on us as well as society. Never forget, our actions define us.

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