What is true love?

We all listen to many definitions of love from western regions, movies, songs, books, etc. We learned about love from all these external sources but is this what real love is?

What is the exact meaning of love?

Love is not only about loving someone or something but also about loving yourself.

The one who hates themself would never be able to love others.

We generally don’t tend to love someone who makes us unhappy. We always love someone or something that makes us happy. It could be a person or activities such as traveling.

Why must this be the case? Because we fall in love with ourselves when we are around someone or following those activities such as traveling makes us happy.

Therefore, we only love those things or people, which make us happy.

Happiness is our essential nature, and everything revolves around it.

Love is no exception. It makes you happy, helps you grow, and makes you strong enough to fight all odds of life.

If it is making you grow, it is love. If it is helping you to be yourself, it is love.

Everything that doesn’t make you happy is not love.

Find yourself in this process of love, know yourself better, search for what makes you happy and be lovable.

Spread love.

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