Tuesday, May 28, 2024

What Really Matters in life?

What do you want in your life? I asked my friend.
“I don’t want spare time in my life,” he replied.

Generally, I ask this question to my friends who are committed to accomplishing their life. It could be anything.

His answer to this question in particular makes me think about what people really want in life.

Most of my friends told me that they want more and more money or become famous, some want to become possessors of materialistic things such as big cars and gadgets, etc.

But hardly anyone has answered me that they wish happiness in their life or want a healthy and gratified life.

Surprisingly, nobody told me that they want to learn and explore in life.

It concerns me deeply why materialistic ownership pushes us into a life where contentment is not there.

We know we need money, but it should not be at the cost of health. We need fame but not at all the cost of happiness.

What Really Matters?

What we had when we were born, and what we will have once we leave? The answer is nothing. Then why does everyone run behind things they will not take along.

In the end what and how much you earned or spent will not matter. This will be forgotten.

It will matter how you have lived the life. Whether it was the way you wanted?

It will matter whether you work on who you are and who you wanted to be? Have you explored to achieve your own wished self?

It matters if you express yourself on time for things that are important to you.

It matters that you spend your time with your loved ones, your family, your friends.

I have learned that it is the contentment in life that matters and not achievements every time.

We haven’t seen tomorrow, but we can certainly prioritize our today with things that really matter.

So, make sure you live fully in life with gratification.

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